International Folk Muisic Film Festival-2013

Music For Life, Music For Survival

International Folk Music Film Festival 24th -26th November 2016.

Music Museum of Nepal, Kathmandu hosted the first International Folk Music Film Festival, in Nepal, in 2011 and, following on from this success' intends to continue the event in subsequent years. Each day of the three-day event with the themeMusic for life, Music for survival” will be dedicated to a different musicologist or folk music filmmaker (see festival news pages).

We invite entries of films, pertaining to any aspect of traditional music culture particularly i

nstrumental music, song and dance, from any country and any time period. Our objective is to showcase the folk musical heritage of as many different peoples, races and nationalities as possible through the medium of cinema. We believe that screening films from around the globe will foster cross-cultural understanding and give us the opportunity to learn from each other’s musical experiences. We hope to draw attention to declining folk musical traditions anywhere in the world, to encourage citizens to value their heritage and to prompt conservation efforts.

The Festival is a strictly non-commercial enterprise and any revenue generated will be used for restoration of Music Museum of Nepal, for collection, conservation and recording of Nepal’s waning musical heritage or for ongoing music research.

Music Museum of Nepal, Kathmandu hosted the first, second, third & fourth International Folk Music Film Festival in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and join us this year and share our enjoyment. 26th -29th November 2015.