International Folk Muisic Film Festival-2013

Music For Life, Music For Survival

Festival Dedication - 2016

Festival Dedications 2015

John Cohen

Born in 1932 in Queens, New York, USA,  To learn more about John Cohen, visit  

Viram Jasani

Born in 1945 in Kenya to Indian parents 

Bhairav Bahadur Thapa

Born 1989 Phagun 6, BS (17th February 1933, AD) in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Festival Dedications 2014

1st day

Robert Garfias ethnomusicologist, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine and a professor at the Japanese National Museum of Ethnology 

2nd day

Pirkko Moisala, Ethnomusicologist, Professor of Musicology at Helsinki University, Finland

3rd day

Surendra Bikram (Subi) Saha, Nepal, Master of Traditional Nepali dance, Master drummer, folk music researcher, collector and writer.

12th Phalgun 1985 – 15th Baisak 2066 BS; 23nd February 1929 – 28th April 2009 AD

Festival Dedications 2013

  1st day :

Professor Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy ; Professor of Ethnomusicology at UCLA and affiliated professor at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

2nd day :

Professor Tomoaki Fujii (born 1932) : Director at the International Institute for Cultural Studies (IICS) in Nagoya, Japan.

3rd day :
Master Mitrasen Thapa Magar (1895-1946), Nepal

Festival Dedications 2012

1st day :

John Baily & Veronica Doubleday,  Ethnomusicologists, Musicians and Writers, husband and wife

2nd day :

Les Blank: Film Director,  Producer & Cinematographer

 3rd day :
Ramsaran Darnal 1937 – 2011 AD (1994 – 2068 BS.)

Festival Dedications 2011

1st day:

The primary dedication will be to Arnold A. Bake, a Netherlander, who could be said to be the father of Nepalese folk music documentary films. His 1931 audio and cine film recordings were the first ever made. Bake shout some 2500 ft of cine film during his 1931 research visit to Nepal and a further 3000 ft when he returned in 1955/6. It is now 800 yrs since Bake’s first visit to Nepal when interestingly he lodged at the Royal Kathmandu Guesthouse located next to Mahadev Bahal in Tirpureshwor where Music Museum of Nepal is now housed; all his 1931 recordings were made in the garden of the guest house, which lies between the two buildings. We hope that this dedication will be a fitting tribute to the man and his work.

2nd day:

Further dedications will be to the French ethnomusicologist Mireille Helffer and to Carol Tinggy from UK who have both graciously accepted. Mirielle Helffer’s important early ethnomusicological research work, particularly on the music culture of the Gaine musicians caste, was carried out in Nepal in 1960’s and her acclaimed L.P. record ‘Castes de Musiciens au Nepal’ published by Musee de I’Homme, 1969 did much to popularize Nepalese folk music and bring it to the attention of the world.

3rd day:

Carol Tingey catalogued Bakes sound records for her Master’s thesis in 1985, Making them much more accessible, and went on to complete field research on the Panchai baja of Nepal for her PhD thesis (1990) and a concurrent fellowship with the Nepal Royal Academy. She next researched mangalini, gaine and jugi traditions for her part in a collaborative Leverhulme Trust project comparing selected Nepalese musical traditions and their counterparts in India.

Music Museum of Nepal, Kathmandu hosted the first, second, third & fourth International Folk Music Film Festival in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and join us this year and share our enjoyment. 26th -29th November 2015.