International Folk Muisic Film Festival-2013

Music For Life, Music For Survival

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Invited Films

 Film Name
 Film Makers 
 Music Culture
 On the Rumba River
 Jacques Sarasin
  Democratic Republic of Congo
Thailand Moment
 Les Balank
Gadi Lohardaga Mail
  Meghnath & Biju Topo
  Jharkhanda, India
Gori Dhanako Chaitelo
  Jaya Raj Pant
  Baitadi, Nepal
  Born for Hardluck
  Tom Davenport
  USA, Medicine Show / Blues
  All Day and All Night Memories of Bale Street Musicians
  Robert Gordon & Luis Guida
  Blues and Jazz
Prelude to Muktir Gaan - An Itherview with Mahmudur Rahman Benu
A filmed interview with musician Mahmudur Rahman Benu, (affectionaly Known as Benubhai) will be shown as a prelude to the film, in which he featured, 'Muktir Gaan' (The song of Freedom).
 This interview is not part of the competiton

5th International Folk Music Film Festival 2015

Invited Films

1.  "A Passion for Asian Music Traditions"  Director : Mark Chapman, Filmmakers country:UK, Music Culture: Asain, Duration: 51'

 2.  "Q'eros: The Shape of Survival"  Director : John Cohen, Filmmakers country:USA, Music Culture: Q'eros, High Andes, Peru    Duration: 52'

3.  " Mr Charlie, Your Rollin' Mill is Burnin' Down."  Director : Les Blank, Filmmakers country:USA, Music Blues, USA    Duration: 8'

Selected Competition Films

1.  " They Will Have To Kill Us First "  Director : Johanna Schwartz, Filmmakers country:UK, Music Culture: Mali, Duration: 101'

2.  " No Land’s Song "  Director : Ayat Najafi, Filmmakers country: Iran / Germany, Music Culture: Iran, Duration: 91'


4.  " I'll sing for you (Je Chanterai Pour Toi)"  Director : Jacques Sarasin, Filmmakers country: France,   Music Culture: Mali,   Duration: 76'

5.  "Corn on the stalk. Histories of Pirque"  Director : Claudio Mercado, Filmmakers country: Chile,   Music Culture: Guitarrón tradition, Central Chile,   Duration: 81'

6.  " Travel Songs: Peru "  Director : Zachary Humenik, Filmmakers country: USA,   Music Culture: Peru,   Duration: 46'

7.  "Marrabentando"  Director : Karen Boswall, Filmmakers country: UK,   Music Culture: Mosambique,   Duration: 64'

8.  "Taan Bekro"  Director : Saumya Sharma, Filmmakers country: India,   Music Culture: Nomadic Jogi people of Rajasthan,   Duration: 65'

9.  "Free Show Tonight "  Director : Paul Wagner & Steven Zeitlin,  Filmmakers country: USA,   Music Culture : USA Medicine show,   Duration: 59'

10.  "Voices of the Land"  Director : Paul Wolffram,  Filmmakers country: New Zealand,   Music Culture : Maori,   Duration: 96'

11.  "Hanoi Eclipse: The Music of Dai Lam Linh"  Director : Barley Norton,  Filmmakers country: UK,   Music Culture : Vietnam,   Duration: 56'

12.  "Music in the Life of Balbalasang Village in the Northern Philippines"  Director : Terada Yoshitaka & Michiyo Yoneno:Reyes,  Filmmakers country: Japan,   Music Culture : Philippines,   Duration: 26'

13.  "Landscape of Song – West Bengal to Kathmandu"  Director : Valentine Harding,  Filmmakers country: UK,   Music Culture : Bengal & Nepal,   Duration: 17'

 14.  " Boya Boya (Shine Shine)"  Director : Karen Boswall,  Filmmakers country: UK,   Music Culture : Syria,   Duration: 18'

15.  "Hamro Sahas"  Director : Dr Asha Bahadur Tamang,  Filmmakers country: Nepal,   Music Culture : Post Earthquake, Nepal,   Duration: 5'

16.  "Ma Sipahi"  Director : Dr Asha Bahadur Tamang,  Filmmakers country: Nepal,   Music Culture : Post Earthquake, Nepal,   Duration: 5'

17.  "The Forgotten Tharu Instruments: Pilhru, Kastaar, Chatkauli "  Director : Jason Kunwar,      Filmmakers country: Nepal,   Music Culture : Tharu, Dang, Nepal,   Duration: 12'

18.  "We are Here to Encourage' Nayan Band, Kirtipur"  Director : William Aura,   Filmmakers country: USA,   Music Culture : Nepal,   Duration: 29'

 19.  " Netuwa,  A typical folk dance of the Musahar "  Director : D.B. Nepali,   Filmmakers country: Nepal,   Music Culture : Musahar, Nepal,   Duration: 10'

20.  " Shakiya Dance "  Director : Purna Acharya,   Filmmakers country: Nepal,   Music Culture : Tharu,Nepal,   Duration: 9'

21.  " Tserendaava, Mongol Khoomii from Heaven’s Will DVD "  Director : Badraa / Michael Ormiston,   Filmmakers country: Mongolia / UK,   Music Culture : Mongolian overtone singing,   Duration: 22'

22.  "Easter Dance of the Dead"  Director : David Djambasov & Stephan Djambasov,   Filmmakers country: Bulgaria,   Music Culture : Bulgarian,   Duration: 25'

23.  " Song Collecting Today "  Director : Peter Hudston,   Filmmakers country: England, UK,   Music Culture : World Traditional Music,   Duration: 8'

Non:Competition Films

1.  "Los mares del desierto (seas of the dessert)"  Director : Luis Gimenez,   Filmmakers country: South Africa ,  Music Culture : Saharawi,   Duration:36'

2.   Tunechain @ Beam,  Director : Gerard KilBride,  Filmmakers country: Wales ,

                               a. "Gerardo Albera Gonzalez",   Music Culture : Galician,       Duration: 5'

                                b." Patric Rimmes,   Music Culture" : Spain ,     Duration: 5'

                                c. "Stacey Blythe,  Music Culture : Walesh, UK ,     Duration: 5'

                              d. "Ned Clamp",  Music Culture : Walesh, UK,     Duration: 4'

                              e. "Y Bois y Chwarae",  Music Culture : Walesh, UK,     Duration: 5'

 3.  "Sarangi - The Story of a Museum"  Director : Raju Hittalamani & Manoj Bhandare,   Filmmakers country: India,  Music Culture : Nepal,   Duration: 15'

4.  "Ropain ra Chopain (Black Marsi rice planting in Jumla)"  Director : Ram Prasad Kadel,   Filmmakers country: Nepal,  Music Culture : Karnali, Nepal,   Duration: 9'

5.  "Naná Vasconselos"  Director : Vincent Moon,   Filmmakers country: France,  Music Culture : Brazil,   Duration: 14'

6.  "We will Rise Again "  Director : Ram Prasad Kadel,   Filmmakers country: Nepal,  Music Culture : Nepali,   Duration: 14'


'Visual Acoustics – Voices of the Land'

Exploring the relationship between traditional Maori instruments and the landscape

Presenter: Paul Wolffram, New Zealand                   Music Culture: Moari


'Where the Sun Kisses the Sand'

Presentations from a musical research project in Kuwait, Qater and Oman

Presenter: Rolf Killius, United Kingdom                   Music Culture: Kuwait, Qatar and Oman


'Gori Dhanako Chaitelo'

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Jaya Raj Pant, Nepal                   Music Culture: Nepali


'The Chino Dances of Central Chile'

Presenter: Claudio Mercado, Chile                   Music Culture: Central Chile


Music Museum of Nepal, Kathmandu hosted the first, second, third & fourth International Folk Music Film Festival in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and join us this year and share our enjoyment. 26th -29th November 2015.