International Folk Muisic Film Festival-2013

Music For Life, Music For Survival

International Folk Music Film Festival, Nepal-2014
Terms and conditions

Non-commercial Enterprise:
International Folk Music Film Festival, Nepal is a non-profit making venture; any proceeds will be used for conservation and preservation of Nepal’s endangered Music Cultural Heritage, for research or for restoration of the museum etc.
Entries to:
             Norma Blackstock, Cwm, Llangoed, Beaumaris, Anglesey, LL58 8SE, UK
[email protected] for International Entries.
Or Music Museum of Nepal, GPO Box No 4829, Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal. 
             [email protected]  for entries from Nepal
             Entry deadline:
Films must be received by the 31st July 2014. The film(s) may have originally been made in celluloid or digital format (HD and SD) and may be from any time period. 

Free Entry:
Each film must be accompanied by an application form signed by the filmmaker/ producer 

Entry categories:
Contributors may submit short (up to 30mins) or longer (31-60mins) competition or non-competition film entries. Only exceptionally will films longer than 60mins be accepted.

All films will be viewed upon arrival and filmmakers will be notified of any damage. Music Museum of Nepal will exercise the utmost care in handling the film copies but will not be held responsible for damages or loss incurred during transit. It is the responsibility of the contributor to make sure s/he retains the original film and does not send the only copy. 

Either: 5 copy enabled DVDs (i.e. without a protection code) of each film will be required for the selection committee and judges. You must please also authorise us to make additional copies, if necessary, of the DVDs provided, for submission to jury members.                                                               
Or:  A download link and password for films uploaded onto Vimeo or similar site.

NB. Please inform the organizers by Email [email protected] when DVDs have been dispatched.

The languages of the Film Festival will be English and Nepali. All films in languages other than English should have English subtitles where appropriate.
Selection for screening will be made by members of the festival committee. All films will also have to be approved by the Nepal Board of Film Censors. 

Selection date:
Contributors will be informed, by email, by 15th September 2014, whether their film has been selected for screening at the festival. 

Awards will be presented for the best film entries in the long and short film categories and we hope to have a special category for entries from students and young filmmakers.
Returns Policy: 
Music Museum of Nepal is unable to return films and requests all contributors to allow us to deposit copies of their films in the museum’s archive. Alternately, contributors can ask for their films to be destroyed after the festival.

Promotional use:
Music Museum of Nepal reserves the right to use and reproduce still and moving images and audio from all submitted works for promotional purposes related to the festival. 

It is the responsibility of the contributor to obtain permission for the film to be screened, at the Folk Music Film Festival in Nepal in 2014, if s/he does not own the copyright. The organising committee of Folk Music Film Festival in Nepal also requires permission to distribute DVD copies of submitted films among members of the selection committee and International Jury.
Press Kit:
The films may be accompanied by a press kit, which could include any of the following:
1. Production Still Photographs
2. Film Release/ Production Date(s). 
3. Newspaper and other print media articles, reviews and write-ups.
4. Filmography of the director/ Discography of the subject.

Travel Costs.
Music Museum of Nepal is unable to meet travel or accommodation costs incurred by those attending the festival.
             City Tours: 
Guided tours of Kathmandu city can be arranged before or after the festival if participants are interested. Please let us know.

Music Museum of Nepal, Kathmandu hosted the first, second, third & fourth International Folk Music Film Festival in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and join us this year and share our enjoyment. 26th -29th November 2015.